In May this year everything was going well for Ric Bridson, the newly-installed as manager at Wellington’s Café and Bistro at Bradmore Garden Centre. The new venue had been open a month and was really taking off, until a freak fire at the garden centre wrecked their carefully laid plans.
Manager, Ric Bridson, said:?“Once the smoke had settled we realised how bad it was. We’d lost the kitchens and part of the café, one whole building of the centre was gone. The easy thing to do at that point would be to give in and let the insurance companies do their work, but we got open serving sandwiches on the terrace area within in a week.”
Three months on from that fateful day they’ve installed temporary kitchen, replaced seating and are up and running at nearer full capacity serving breakfasts, lunches, cakes, pastries, gluten free snacks and even Sunday lunch.
Ric adds: “Wellington’s is a little drive for most people but we’ve got most of our fresh food menu, lots of space and everyone enjoys the free parking and wifi. We’re seeing everyone from mums and kids to retired people and even businesses having meetings. It’s been a bit of a bumpy journey but we’ve got there.”

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